Friday, September 03, 2004

The Hunter's Widow

Well, today is the beginning of my hunting widowhood.
No, hunting season hasn't started yet. But my sweetie is off to the land to put deer stands in more trees. Clear the branches from around his deer stands and otherwise just be busy looking for deer sign.

I will be a hunter's widow until early January. Short widowhood, I know, but a lonely one never the less. At the beginning, its kind of like, "Okay, see ya when you get back." and life goes on, but by the end of December, it will be "You're leaving me again!!!! and for howwwww long?"

Every year, I think I will get used to it, or we will be at the point in our relationship where I will not miss him near as much, but it just doesn't happen.

He is only gone a few hours now and I already miss him a lot. What to do with me while he is gone?

Maybe I will get my house cleaned, organized, and do some knitting, crocheting, or what have you. Maybe buy a new book to read or rent a movie. Or Maybe I'll just play on the computer all weekend. No, that's sick. Need to do something else for a change.

Hunter Widows Unite.
Let's keep each other company while they are gone.